Advanced Agile Development with Alistair Cockburn

2017-09-27 09:00 to2017-09-29 17:00(Europe/Tallinn)


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This is the course for you if you have been doing agile development for 3-15 years, have read many of the books and are ready for a deep dive into what agile development is all about.

trainer Alistair Cockburn 

Modern “expert” agile practitioners have mastered the practices – but not why they work, not how to adjust practices to situations, not how to approach new and surprising situations, not how to apply agile practices to non-software projects, not how to incorporate results from other fields back to their own projects, not how to tailor the practices to different organizational cultures. This advanced course from industry guru Dr. Alistair Cockburn addresses those areas.

Bring along bring gnarly problems you have been challenged with and objections as to why agile can’t work in whatever context: We will work through those problems as a class, using the skills taught in the class.

This is not a course for the beginner or the faint of heart. Expect to do homework, expect to be put through your paces, expect to dialog and argue, have your beliefs challenged.

You need not prepare for the course, but you will get more from it if you have read Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game and “The Seven Properties of Highly Successful Projects” from Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams prior to the start of class.

At the end of the course, walk away with a rich, robust set of tools for approaching your project and organizational situations.

 In this 3-day, activity- and discovery-filled course, learn

  • how to apply agile techniques to non-software projects,

  • how to plan and track larger, more complicated projects using Project Mapping and Blitz Planning,

  • how to get the highest customer results in the shortest time,

  • how to get early results with Test-Driven Carpaccio,

  • how to reduce risk and maximize effectiveness on your corporate, product, and project initiatives by viewing design and development as Knowledge Acquisition.

  • how to keep your sponsor abreast with the state of your project using various visual reporting techniques,

  • how to back up your recommendations with solid theory, not appeal to authority or religious arguments, 

  • … and most of all 
    Come face-to-face with yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, as you confront one situation after another with equally inquisitive classmates.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced :
  • This is the course for you if you have been doing agile development for 3-15 years, have read many of the books and are ready for a deep dive into what agile development is all about.
  • This is the course for you if you have been doing agile development for 1-5 years and want to amp up your capabilities to the next level.
  • This is not the course for you if you are a hot shot programmer or PM and want to strut your stuff.
  • This is not the course for you if you are looking for an introduction to agile, basic of Scrum, CSM, or project management 
  • This is a course for those who want to inquire and to get themselves ready for whatever comes next.

“Alistair is the Chuck Norris of Use Cases. Applying use cases to the project life cycle has re-instilled my faith in project management.”

“Alistair provided a non-intimidating environment to allow for mind stretching. I feel like I’ve been put through a mental wringer but all in a way that can only improve my value for my team.” –Nicole Hopkins

“Excellent course… well worth the investment of time and money. I especially appreciated Alistair’s depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. I will be watching for other courses offered by him.” –Chuck Stoner
“The deep level of experience Alistair brings to the training adds significant insight to the domain.” –Dave Pugmire
“I want my boss, my boss’s boss and my boss’s boss’s boss to take this course.”


Radisson Park Inn Meriton Conference and SPA
    Toompuiestee 27/Paldiski mnt 4
    Tallinn 372


From2017-09-27 09:00
To2017-09-29 17:00


Alistair Cockburn

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